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November 10, 20907

This is the text of the postcard that we sent to the Honourable Ted Morton:

Alberta is taking the same flawed approach to the pine beetle that BC has taken—one that is decimating their mixed forests and watersheds. We read your statements in Alberta Hansard about “block” cutting when the forest management plan plainly shows clear cutting. From Ralph Carter’s presentations and discussions (see http://www.braggcreek.ca/forest/legislature_0407_cartar.htm), it appears that your decisions on this issue are not based on good science or good public policy. We are also at a loss to understand the lack of meaningful consultation with Bragg Creek residents and other Albertans on this issue. We fully agree with the message that my 12 year old son wishes to send to you: “Please stop using pine beetles as the excuse for clear cutting.” The Kananaskis needs to be a park not a clear cut.
P.S. – Please respect and listen to the people of Alberta.